Frequent Flyer

Got a frequent flyer coupon on the airline of love
You don't know where you're going, but you've got to make a move
The captain's in the cockpit and the hostess brings a drink
At seven miles a minute, there isn't time to think.

You know it's just a capsule, this trip through time and space
From thirty thousand feet above, the world's an empty place
You feel the woman touch you, and you need her, and you cry
You know she doesn't love you, and it makes you want to die.

But it doesn't stop you hoping as your fingers start to roam
And you wish you didn't have to have a round trip ticket home
The thunder in the engines makes her voice sound far away
You wish that you could talk to her but don't know what to say

The morning sun is rising in the window by your seat
You forget that time is rushing and that night will soon repeat
The mountains and the forests and the valleys start to glow
And the sun sends golden fire along the river down below

For a moment you can feel her take your hand and hold it strong
And the moment is suspended like a high note in a song
But the melody continues and you see the seat-belt light
And the captain's voice is hoping that you had a pleasant flight

You wish that you could stay there, though you know you'll fly again
And you know it doesn't help to wonder who or where or when
But the woman there beside you is the one you want to know
And she has not decided which way she wants to go

© Copyright 1995 by Richard Hodges
All Rights Reserved