A Meditation in the Middle of the Night



Man says:

            Lord, Who am I?

            I wish to be!


            God says:

                        I alone am!



Man says:

            I hope!

            I try!


            God says:

                        In Me your hopes and efforts come to nothing.



Man says:

            I live,

            I shall die,

            perhaps to be reborn.


            God says:

                        In Me there is no birth nor death.



Man says:

            Lord, have mercy!


            God says:

                        My Mercy is:

                        that you have been made capable

                                    of Nothingness

in Me.




R. Hodges

13 March 2013 CE



Author’s note:

            It is not necessary to believe in God:

            Neither prime existent nor personal divinity,

            Neither immanent nor transcendent,

            Neither creator nor cosmos—


            God is an event in the soul.

            An annihilation.