Sailor-mind, see to the course

††††††††††† Pull the sheet to stretch the sail.

Heart-mast, feel the head-wind,

††††††††††† Heel to lee and haul the boat.

Body, bones and rigging, bear the heart-tug,

††††††††††† Brace your keel against deep water

Whole boat, work to windward,

††††††††††† Thrilling, leap across the waves!


Landsman, listen to this warning:

††††††††††† Do not love too much seaís sirens

Set course to an unknown shore,

††††††††††† Shudder lest you drown asleep at sea.

Waterís mysteries are one thing,

††††††††††† Wonder-filled new world is quite another.

Make fast the tendrils

††††††††††† Of your sailorís faith on far land.


Keep the boat seaworthy ítil it beaches,

††††††††††† Frail bark which bears your emptiness.

Forge your westering return to Eden,

††††††††††† Pass the flaming sword, then find the Trees.

Feed your hungry crew upon the fruit of life

††††††††††† Finer than the one that Adam tasted.

Laugh at Lord and Lizard both:

††††††††††† Be now, Returner, larger than Creation.


© Copyright 2007 by Richard Hodges
All Rights Reserved