The Teachings of My Native People,


According to the teachings of my native people, the essential self of every being is called its mRadd-he. Its struggle or fate is called its mSamm-he. The proper path is for the mRadd-he to live quietly in union with its mSamm-he—only then can its implicit form unfold fully, a form for which no name is given, which means that it is ultimately limitless.


The great mystery lies in this unfolding limitlessness, which is encrypted like DNA within the male and female seeds, the mRadd-he and mSamm-he. Through union, the limited, partialized substance of the seeds reveals the infinite encoded within them. As their names imply, the mRadd-he is like a wheel and the mSamm-he is like a city, and the rolling of the wheel freely along all possible paths through the alleys and streets of the city constitutes this limitless unfolding.


However, the strifes of life, which result from certain resistances to the desired quiet union, resistances internal to the seeds themselves as well as external impede this process and sometimes seem to block it completely. Therefore our prayer is to become quiet in front of these strifes, which causes them to dissolve. Then true experience unrolls endlessly, experience not of the superficial and accidental strife but of the mSamm-he itself, the essential struggle which is the unique partner of one’s mRadd-he, the experiencing self.


© 2011 Richard Hodges