The Heart of the Sky

            © Richard Hodges 2016



Baba, can you tell me the meaning of our rite? I put on the Mask of Ergon, and dance to the drums, and something enters me: is it Ergon himself, or one of his genii? Anyway, he dances my body. What is the meaning of this? Why do we do this thing?


Son, tell me, how do you feel when this happens?


I feel a great joy. It is better than sex.


That is good. Many people feel only a little. And please answer another question: are you still there, or do you disappear when this happens?


I am still there. My body is being danced—it is as if I am watching the dance, from inside.


That is even better. Quite often the person who is being danced like that swoons. He may not even remember later. It is very important to remember.


Why? What is the purpose of this?


This is a deep secret. If I tell you, you must not tell anyone, until you have fulfilled certain obligations, which are difficult. Do you promise?


I promise.


Tell me one more thing: when he comes, where does Ergon come from? Is it from the sky, as our stories say?


No. I sense him coming from my own head—from just behind the right ear, but inside the skull.


And where does Ergon go?


He goes into my chest, just behind the heart. And from there he sends out rays that take over my limbs, and dance them better than I could.


You have sensed correctly. Now tell me, who is Ergon, what do our stories say?



He is the Heart of the Sky. After Egu created the World, he was lonely. He created Ergon and gave him the task to create man, who would talk with Egu and be his junior companion.


Have you had conversation with Egu?


No, but sometimes I hear a word or two when Ergon is dancing me. It is in a language I do not understand. A deep powerful syllable. I think it is a command.


You must learn this language. It is the language of the heart. When Ergon is in you, speak to him. Ask him to teach you. If you ask sincerely enough, he will not refuse.


What is the purpose of speaking with Egu?


I am not the one who can answer that. But the heart of man must be united with the Heart of the Sky.





Venus, the Heart of the Sky

[composite surface of the planet]


+ + +


Lord Ergon, Heart of Sky, you have come down. We dance, you dancing me, my heart filled with overwhelming joy. Yet still I need to know, and I ask you: what is the meaning of this?


Younger brother, man, I do not care for what you call “meaning”—I only know the dance itself. What you ask is for a higher One than I to answer.


Is that Lord Egu, maker of the world, and of you? I have heard of him…and now I think I hear his voice. It sounds a word I do not know—it sounds like “Hrrm.” What does it mean?


It means “Be silent. Cease your questioning and only Be.”


And now he says “Viil”—please tell me…


“Raise your inner eye, look higher than the Sky.” Can you fulfill these words?


These are hard commandments. But wait—a penetrating x-ray beam comes down. I see my heart transparent, empty. What I felt so strongly is but a tawdry yellow glow that fades against this light.


Listen deeper—what word do you hear now?


Nothing—wait, just a whisper—“srrsrrsrr”—something like that.


It means—no, I cannot tell you. You must answer for yourself.


This seems a riddle—you say I am to just Be—but I also need to know the meaning.


Welcome, elder brother, to the puzzle that makes man Man. You are above me now, at least you reach in that direction. I am only single; you are double, because you need to Know as well as to Be. Now you must address your question to Egu.


+ + +



Egu, why do I have this question? Why do I exist? What is the answer?


            GmmUii Ullm Hvvq Uii Ullm


What?  No wait; perhaps I begin to understand you—“the question is from you, the answer must be from you.” How do I seek the answer?




Do I create myself by wondering? Is that the end of the matter? If so, it is like a snake eating its own tail—but then, in the end there is nothing.


Srr Eshsh Viil


There is another, higher than you, Egu? Another, who is called “Esh”? Where does he exist?


Eshsh Viil Hrrm HrrmL


Esh is beyond existence and non-existence?


Tjjw Eshsh


I exist in Esh? Then that unrolls the snake! The snake of questioning lies between me and Esh; the question does not consume itself. Is that the answer?