African Music and Dance Ensemble
Home page of the African Music And Dance Ensemble, the oldest repertory African music and dance company on the Pacific coast of the United States. Led by the great master drummer C.K. Ladzekpo of Ghana, the ensemble has pioneered the presentation on the modern concert stage vibrant authentic traditional dances and percussion ensemble music from the West African countries of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.
Warriors At The Edge Of The Rain Forests -
An Online Concert Edition

Warriors At The Edge Of The Rain Forests is a full-length music and dance production creating a collage from Capoeira, a popular African-Brazilian martial art, and Adzohu, an ancient warrior dance-drumming of the Fon-Ewe people of West Africa. Includes video and audio clips along with stills from performances in the USA.
The Africans Are Coming - An Online Edition
Northern California's African Cultural Festival' popularly known as The Africans Are Coming is the largest seasonal professional African Cultural Arts Extravaganza in the United States. This online edition brings the thrills of professional African drumming and dancing through a superb world class production staged by Artistic Director, CK Ladzekpo and powerfully executed by a distinguished cast of over 125 performers drawn from five renowned sub-saharan repertory companies. Includes video clips along with stills from a recent performance in the USA.
CK Ladzekpo Feature Albums And Video Tapes

Dance Spirit of Ghana

A video documentary recorded in Ghana

C.K. Ladzekpo Clinic PASIC '94

Polyrhythm In African Music

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Note: these pages are constantly under construction. We are always adding material about the music and culture of the Ewe and other African ethnic groups, along with related graphics, sound, and videos that you can download.

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